Friday, July 12, 2013

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Youth Football Mission Statement/ Attendance

Brookings Youth Football Association

Mission Statement
The goal of BYF is to provide the opportunity for and to promote football for youth grades 3 to 6 in Brookings and the surrounding area. It is also our goal to teach the fundamental football skills including sportsmanship and teamwork. As an association we want to ensure that all participants have a positive and fun experience, which in turn will create an enthusiastic attitude towards Brookings Football.

Attendance Policy
If an athlete misses a practice, he/she does not play half of the game for every day that he/she missed. For example, if a player missed one day of practice during the week, he/she will only play for half of the game. If both days of practice are missed, then the player will not play at all on game day.
Please try to be on time to each practice!

On game days the players need to be dressed and ready to play 30 minutes before the game is to start. This will allow time for stretching and pregame instructions.

Please let your coaches know as soon as you can if your player will not be able to make it to a game so they can plan accordingly! It will make the coach’s job much easier if he knows who will or will not be there on game day!

Reminders for Parents
Please cheer your player on from the stands but remember to be positive and let the coaches be the coaches.

The coaching staff wants to help your child have fun learning the game of football but please keep in mind that at times the coaches will need to be firm with their players in order to provide structure and organization.

Be supportive of your player regardless of the outcome of the game. Remember, we do not keep score and this is a developmental league.

Encourage your player to ALWAYS give 100% at all times! This is the expectation of the coaching staff and we would appreciate the same encouragement from the parents.

Remind your player to be respectful to the coaches, opponents, and their own teammates.

Please remember that ALL of our coaches are VOLUNTEERS! Thank you cannot be said enough. We have some coaches who commit 6 or more hours per week to Brookings Youth Football. Remind your player often to tell the coaches thanks! Our football program would not be possible without our parent volunteers. If anyone is interested in helping out in any way, please let one of the coaches know. We will also be asking for parent volunteers for things such as working in the concession stand for home games. Your help will never be turned down and will always be appreciated!

Please remind your players that the equipment given to them is to be used for assigned practices and games ONLY.

Again, we would like to remind ALL of you that we do not keep score in this league and we do not play for any type of championship at the end of the season. All of the players (except the “ringers”) will be given an opportunity to try the skill positions that they have signed up. According to league rules, the “ringers” are restricted to where they can play for the safety of all athletes.